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Huang: Rust: A Serious Retrospective

[Posted May 19, 2022 by corbet]

Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang has posted an huge overview of
the Rust language
derived from the ride of writing “over
100okay traces
” of code.

Rust is a worldly language for authoring code since it makes
these “cheats” onerous – as prolonged as that which you too can neutral own got the discipline of no longer
the utilization of “unsafe” constructions to make cheats easy. On the other hand, actually
onerous does no longer mean very no longer likely – there own been positively some cheats
that bought swept under the rug throughout the building of Xous.

Here is the build Rust actually exceeded expectations for me. The
language’s building and tooling changed into once very appropriate at hunting down
these cheats and refactoring the code snide, thus curing the cancer
without killing the patient, so that you just can keep up a correspondence. Here is the purpose at
which Rust’s very strict typing and borrow checker converts from a
productiveness authorized responsibility into a productiveness asset.

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